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Brief History

Education and technology have been an ever evolving relationship just as aviation and technology have continued to merge. As a result, technology has launched drones into the marketplace and took the entire world by surprise.  The Federal Aviation Administration could hardly react fast enough to put sensible rules in place.  We respect these rules and have managed to make drones in education as accessible as ever.  We are FAA Part 107 certified professional pilots and we love teaching this marketable skill to our students.



Drone Technology Education


1-on-1 Flight Training and Customized Hardware

We flight train students on various remote aircraft such as photography, film and fully acrobatic racing drones.


Full Simulation Installation

A flight simulator is the best tool to learn how to fly without the risk to costly equipment.  We install and teach our students how to get the most out of a simulator.

Interested in getting your educational drone program up and running? Call us today to see what we can do for you.


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